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Out of plenty of unfoldable work, here are some of the survived documented

Content Strategy

The content strategy has different aspects to cover all of the marketing messages of each brand.

This is an example of a personal brand, hence we covered all of the marketing message aspects that we may post on our social media channels and other digital channels later moving through this content strategy.

The content strategy covered the Social Media Channels, Creatives Plan, Buyer Personas, Content Types Plan, and Hashtags and we may update it as we know more about our target audience.

Campaign Plan

Campaign plan for a car dealership offers a wide range of vehicles.

The Quarter Campaign Plan includes the campaign setup details along with the campaign analysis that shows the campaign performance and insights.

We've done this campaign using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, along with Google placements like Search and YouTube.

Ramadan Campaign in FMCG

Campaign Strategy on Instagram for eCommerce business in the FMCG industry.

Ero is an FMCG business in Kuwait selling sweets & desserts using an eCommerce website.

The campaign strategy document shows details in Arabic for a conversion campaign for Ramadan on Instagram to get purchases, the campaign was divided into 2 stages, one for exploring the best performing ads, and the next one to focus on the winning ads to get higher ROAS.

Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis for car dealer shop at Phoenix, United States named B&G Auto Sales.

We were analyzing the campaign's performance to make an informative decision in our upcoming campaign, these campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat.

There were a lot of insights to analyze since the campaign was running for more than 7 months, with a total budget of $45K on 4 campaigns, Messages, Lead Generation, Conversion, & Snapchat conversion campaigns.

Marketing Strategy

Graduation Project in my Digital Marketing Nanodegree program at Udacity.

It's about building a Marketing Strategy for a brand, including customer journey to match each stage that the customers moving through during the marketing process for any brand, buyer persona creation, budget allocation, campaign creation on Facebook & Google, ROI calculation, campaign performance analysis, SEO audit, keyword research, content marketing, link building, email marketing & recommendations to perform better with the next strategy.

Situation Analysis

This is a situation analysis for Ben Solman, a men's house brand that sells suits & their accessories.

I usually create a situation for brands when needed to know when their place in the market.

It may vary but in general, as included in this project it contains 5 C's analysis, SWOT Analysis, competitors overview, current social media channels, existing performance on social media & other aspects like SEO performance, website performance using Google Analytics, existing ads performance & more.

Social Media Campaign Plan

This is a Social Media Campaign Plan for B&G Autosales car dealer brand in Arizona, Pheonix, United States.

We were working on creating 3 types of campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat.

Our objective is to get Messages, Leads using Facebook Lead Generation & Conversions to get leads on our website.

Messages are delivered on the Facebook page & I've setup integration on Zapier to get the leads whether on Facebook or Website in an SMS to help sales reps respond to each lead within 2 mins after submission.

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing automation for eCommerce business.

This automation for Therever.co website was created on MailChimp.

In this automation, we have a series of emails for Lead Nurturing & Abandoned Cart.

All emails have been tested before running the automation and email templates aligned with the brand identity with compelling content and tailored carefully to fit the CAN-SPAM act laws to avoid any spammy flags in the long term.

Social Media Report 

As part of Social Media Marketing, I provide periodic reports showing social media performance.

In this document we're analyzing the performance of our social media platforms including Facebook, and Instagram, plus the media buying for the same quarter.

Thus, we can have a clear vision for the next level of our performance, which is provided in the conclusion part of this document.


Email Campaign

This is one of my email campaigns for an influencer in Kuwait.

We were planning to launch their Instagram marketing course for their contacts using SendInBlue email marketing tool to run this campaign.

I've uploaded their contact list, created the email template, wrote the content, & tested the email to make sure it has the highest score using email marketing test tools like Mail Tester & the deliverability to make sure that we're getting directly in the contacts' inbox sticking in the spam filter.

Content Calendar

This is a content calendar for Wedguide app, an app for brides to plan their wedding day easily.

The content calendar is one of the implementation parts of the Content Strategy, where I put all ideas together around the content using the content strategy guidelines, then work on visuals including photos, video, GIFs, ..etc. then add the desired schedule for each post

After finishing the content calendar, I send it to get approval or notes on each post, then schedule the content calendar based on the publishing date and time on the social media channels.

Campaign Plan

This is a campaign plan for an online shop that sells sunglasses in Kuwait, named USUVU.

The brand was at its very beginning stages at this time & we were planning to make a good presence on Instagram by running ads that combine the awareness & getting action whenever possible.

I've explained the campaign structure to make it crystal clear for the client, as he was learning how to do things going on, but I'm glad he is well skilled now & working on his brand on his own without my help.

Buyer Persona

Every brand has its hown buyer persona, even if the brand doesn't know that or apply it.

This is an example of a buyer persona that I do for my clients to identify the target audience wisely & plan for content that matches the buyer's needs, understanding the target audience's characteristics is the only way to make difference.

It would help in crafting compelling content & can be updated whenever we know more about our buyer persona.

Results Analysis

Analyzing the results we got after running a Facebook campaign for a training center that offers fashion design courses.

We were targeting people who are interested in fashion design, especially students.

The document includes the performance, insights & calculation of the ROI we've got after running the campaign so that we will be able to take this performance into consideration when working on our next campaigns.

Digital Marketing Strategy

This is an abstracted Digital Marketing Strategy that I suggested for one of my clients working in the events management field for doctors, the brand name is Conference Organizing Bauru (COB).

In is strategy I'm showing the theoretical way about how our presence should look like, & I tried to make it clear & easy to understand by brake it down into 4 stages, Bootstrapping, Acquisition, Action, Post-Production stage.

By implementing this strategy the brand can get its presence online as perfect as they expect.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis is a critical step in helping businesses understand their position in the market and identify areas for growth and improvement. It involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors and comparing them to your own business.

In this example, I provide a detailed competitive analysis report for one of my clients. My analysis includes an in-depth examination of the competitors' marketing strategies, target audience, market share (based on followers # only), product offerings, customer service, and more.

Campaign Plan

This is one of my Campaign Plans for an  Online Store based in UAE, it's Fun Learning Store.

Fun Learning Store is an online business that sells educational toys for kids & parents who wanted to invest their children's time in useful educational games.

They wanted to get a Digital Marketing Campaign Plan that shows how their campaigns should go, what's working to invest in it more & want's not to change it, & evaluate the performance with valuable KPIs for their eCommerce business.

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The graphic work is the space where I visualize my idea, but you can call it a skill for a Digital Marketer

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